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File Import
Professional, Efficient

Professional, Efficient

Instant DFM
Seamless switching between views
One-click production

One-click production

Automated BOM check
Instant quote
Import Altium/KiCad etc,learn in 5 minutes
Easy to learn in just 5 minutes, allowing you to capture inspiration anytime, anywhere, on any device. We also provide an open service,
where you can import circuit files from KiCad and Altium Designer into pcbx for viewing, editing, and modifications.
Seamlessly switch between views and transition smoothly
Are you still using traditional software to export files and switch between views? Are you still struggling with interrupted design thinking caused by view switching? Come experience a smoother and seamless view switching on pcbx! You can switch between different views instantly, review and modify your design without any delay.
switch between schema PCB 3D views smoothly
comprehensive PCB drawing tools
Effortlessly Professional
Our website offers a comprehensive suite of professional drawing tools, including Instant DFM, DRC, ERC and more. You can effortlessly handle unexpected situations whether you are working at home or on the go. This makes your work more efficient and streamlined.
One-click order, WYSIWYG
We know from over 10+ years of manufacturing experience that the design-to-production process takes up a lot of engineers' time. To make it easier, pcbx offers a one-click ordering feature that transfers parameters from the design to the order specification table for instant quotes, so you can get your PCBs designed and ordered quickly.
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one-click ordering feature

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