2、My Workbench

2.1 All Files

①  Project source:New design file 、lmporting EDA files 、lmport Gerber/BOM filesThree ways。

② Project selection area:Click on the project to enter the

schematic interface of the corresponding project, showing the project name and the most recent update time.

③  Project List Display Style:

Sorting type:Creation time 、Update time 、Name.

Sort the way:Sequence 、Reverse.

Display Mode:Card View 、 List View.

Figure 2-1

2.1.1 Enter Project

When you move the cursor over a project on the engineering interface, icons for renaming, deleting, schematic, PCB layout, and LIB will be displayed. Clicking on an icon will take you to the corresponding interface。

Figure 2-2

2.2 My Shared

Share information on related document items:The content contains the PartNumber、Share time、Visit Count、Copy Count、Operation。

Figure 2-3

2.3 Recycled

View the information about the deleted files:The content contains the Part Number 、Created Date 、 Delete Date 、User。

Figure 2-4