3、Create Project

3.1 Create Project

Click Workbench — My Files — All Files — New design file,Create a New Blank Project.

Figure 3-1

After selecting to create a project, the interface will switch to the SCH (schematic) editing page。

Figure 3-2

Menu Bar

Tool Bar

Symbols and Project Selection


Cursor Coordinate Display

Schematic Editing


File Name Editing

Editor Switching

Getting Started Guide and Sharing

3.2 Import EDA File

Import EDA Project File:PCBX supports the import of files from KiCad, AD (Altium Designer), and Eagle EDA design software, including individual SCH or PCB files, as well as zip compressed files containing multiple EDA files。

Figure 3-3

3.3 Import Gerber/BOM File

Import Gerber/BOM Project Files:First import the Gerber file archive, then import the associated BOM file.

Figure 3-4